Makers and masters in print and colour

Drukmakers stands for producers of printwork, Kleurmeesters stands for masters in colour, it means that we reproduce colours to a very high standard. At Drukmakers & Kleurmeesters we are true specialists in packaging. We can easily translate your ideas to a mockup, lookalike, dummy, prototype or whatever you might call it. Packaging, and dummies or mockups in particular, are produced by us for almost any imaginable product available. Paper foil, folding carton, corrugated board, you name it… Although we work with technically advanced machinery, we still assemble your mockup with precise manual labour. We can even include the actual contents, for example: potatoes, potato chips, meat, candy etc. For just a single print or for a tall order. If you can imagine it we can almost certainly print it.

About us

DenK was established in 1999. In those days we were working as a division that provided the color proofs for a reprohouse. Mind you, they were specialized in packaging. That is why, with many years of experience and state of the art machinery, you could say, we know just about everything there is to know about packaging. And that is the reason why a lot of Dutch supermarket chains already know about us and work with us.
This combination of experience, state of the art machinery and last but not least our passion in this line of work, makes Drukmakers & Kleurmeesters unique in its kind. Supply a design and we will make sure it is elaborated in finest detail. And when we say detail we really mean detail, even your product can be incorporated.

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DenK BV - Drukmakers en Kleurmeesters